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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preston Blair - Goose

Here's another Preston Blair copy (this is my second attempt... I seem to have misplaced my first one)

Learnings: Just after I make a point that I need to keep facial features around the front of the cranium Preston gives me this goose with an eye wrapped around the side of it's head!! So really what it means is that these things need to be considered as I draw - it would be stupid to draw all eyes the same distance apart...

I messed up some of the negative space in this one, but also got some of the areas pretty spot on as well.Here is my thoroughly un-original character Puss. I stole the pose from the Rabbit (below) and how to draw the hat from the goose. This was just a quick doodle trying to capture some of the elements from Blair's work. The leg widths are a problem as is the further most eye, it should be wrapped around the cranium more for better perspective.

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