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Monday, September 13, 2010

Preston Blair Rabbit

NB: I had completed a lot more Preston Blair copies on my old blog, but when I created this one I deleted them all. There doesn't seem any point re-posting them.

Learnings: I slowed down, took my time and was a lot more careful with the second one and it shows. The line of action is much clearer, the feet are spread more and seem to carry the weight of the rabbit better (he looks more like he's standing rather than floating in air.)

Also, and this is something I need to concentrate on because I seem to do it all the time, I need to make sure that the face and eyes particularly stick to the front of the cranium. I have a habit of making the face fill the whole head, which makes the head seem flat. You can see this pretty clearly just in these two drawings, the top one is wrong and the bottom one is better.

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